Taking Strategic Risks

Happy New Year, colleagues!

A new year is synonymous with the word POSSIBILITIES for me.

This can be exciting, a little overwhelming, but also feel a bit risky. Personally, I’m a “calculated risk taker” – and I’ve always gained from each risk I’ve taken, even if the end result was not the total success I was striving for.

With inspiration of a new year before us, I challenge you to take some small “risks” in one or more areas of your business. Let’s start with marketing and consumer research.

Is 2018 the year to consider a fresh perspective on your marketing?

It’s proven that the resources of time, energy and dollars invested in marketing are critical to a business’s success. What’s the obstacle for you?

  • Do the perceived risks and investment outweigh the benefits you hope for?
  • Does your lack of know-how (as in, “I don’t even know where to start!”) hold you back?

Read on, we can help.

#1   Customer and Product Research

Every company THINKS they know their customers and what they want. Savvy companies are willing to risk their preconceived notions in order to learn what their customers really think, how they perceive their organization and what they really want in a product or service. Strategically planned and moderated focus groups can be a great tool to tap into consumer mindset if you are…

  • Considering entering a market that is new to you
  • In the development phase of a new product or service
  • Want to find out about the motivation behind a specific action or inaction

#2    Promotion

Are you considering a new marketing message or promotional vehicle? Even talented marketers can develop messages that don’t motivate the desired response or can even offend their target market or the general public. They may also err by selecting the wrong media.

Control your risk by testing your marketing and concept ideas on REAL Consumers. Focus groups are a great way to test various marketing approaches and get feedback directly from your target market.

We DO research. We can help you do yours.

Just like you know your business, we know ours. Insights360 moderates focus groups and other forms of qualitative methods (dyads, one-on-ones, web discussions, web usability testing, phone interviews, ethnographies, etc.). This is our expertise.

We can help you answer these key questions that will minimize the risk in your research investment:

  • Which methodology can make participants more willing to share what they REALLY think?
  • Do you know which non-verbals to look for and what they mean? Does boredom mean the same as disinterest in your messaging or product?
  • Do you know how best to present stimuli to avoid order bias and group think?

Conducting a successful focus group isn’t easy. These tips provide a glimpse of some of the things that should be considered:  https://www.associationadviser.com/index.php/tips-for-conducting-focus-groups/.   But don’t let the complexity scare you away! If you’d like a partner to help you plan your research, my team and I are here to help. Just reach out and let’s have a conversation.

Let’s take 2018 by the horns and make some strategic investments and calculated risks, starting with our marketing and consumer research.

The team at Insights360 is here to help you take small risks that reap big rewards!