Meet Dr. Alicia Menanteau, F., Insights360 Founder & President

Clients love the creative and authentic sociological approach Alicia brings to every project, noting, “She can talk to anyone about anything.” Alicia’s background in the social and behavioral sciences, including sociology, anthropology and psychology, has rendered her a trusted and strategic

partner for a variety of topics, ranging from:

checkmark-24-512Wine research in Chile

checkmark-24-512Coke bottle prototype testing in the UK and China

checkmark-24-512Pepto-Bismol rebranding in Jersey

checkmark-24-512Testosterone patches for men in Houston

Our team of  project directors, located throughout the U.S., manages projects from beginning to end. Based in Houston, Tampa and Minneapolis, Alicia conducts research locally and internationally, and – when she’s up in the air – her team keeps things running on the ground. globe-plane