Identify your Personal and Company Values

How do you ‘show up’ in the world?  

As a business owner, I am always the face to the company. When I step out into the world, I am ‘Alicia’ but also ‘Alicia the Business Owner’.  At business development and networking events, I represent what my company stands for and the quality of what and how we will deliver our services to our clients. Insights360 has gone from just “moi” to “moi plus 6” in 10 years, supported by highly talented, competent professionals who help with market research projects and with supportind and building the company.

How do I show up in the world as a business owner, moderator, and manager? What do I want my team and company to represent? These are the three traits we practice as we conduct our market research business.

At Insights360, we have:

  1. Unwavering professionalism….always.
  2. Sharp observation and attention to detail.
  3. Keen interest to keep learning.

“You must create a collective mentality….we’re all singing the same song, and we’re all singing the same tune. We’re all working together. We’re pulling the rope in the same direction,” said James Franklin in a TedxPSU Talk. Having clarity around these values ensures that my team and I are all working toward the same goal.

This past week, we attended an American Marketing Association Tampa workshop about content management. After recapping the workshop with my colleague, I asked for feedback on what she noticed. She replied that she noticed that when I interacted with others, I spent more time asking questions than speaking; that I appear to take note of details and that I show a genuine interest in those that I am engaging with. “Well, that’s good!” I replied. “Looks like I’ll keep my day job Moderating a while longer.Authenticity and active listening do not go unnoticed.

Here’s some thought work for us all:

  • Challenge yourself to identify your own core values. Can you name 3?
  • Pay attention to whether that’s how you are actually showing up in your interactions.
  • Ask someone you trust for feedback. Be prepared for what you may hear.

Keep me posted on what you learn. You know I’m genuinely interested!