Giving and Learning: Update on Refugees in Austria

While in Vienna for the annual QRCA International Conference, I fulfilled a special promise I’d made over a year ago. I returned to the Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft (Islamic Religious Community) and made an Insights360 donation on behalf of my 2015 clients. Your generous donation will help many refugees receive services; I’m grateful to you!


Here’s an update that I received while visiting:

  • During a recent election, the public majority rejected the idea of allowing more refugees into the country. Candidates catered to popular opinion by proposing to close the borders.
  • It is critically important that current refugees are invited to “educate the educators” and train community and civic leaders, so these groups can help refugees assimilate.
  • Most refugees desire to work but are unable to do so given their refugee status. Aid relief organizations have coordinated volunteer opportunities for current refugees to help incoming refugees.


Unfortunately, a party with an anti-refugee platform was voted into office. Read more about what could happen next:

Austrian Presidential Vote Gives Edge to Right-Wing Candidate, NY Times

Austria passes law to shut off border if refugee influx is too great, RT News


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