Do Good, Feel Good: Making an Impact as a Sociologist

Can we use our research skills to make social impact? The answer is a resounding yes.

Our 2015 clients are supporting refugee relief efforts in Europe through a donation from Insights360. Last September, I was in Vienna for ‘holiday’ and ended up spending days and evenings helping refugees who were passing through the Vienna train station (Hauptbahnhof).

What can a sociologist do for these people in such need? I did all I could do…

  • I listened attentively
  • Captured people’s stories
  • Used my languages to help people find their way

A&Vienna Refugees Collage

I will deliver Insights360’s donation personally when I return to Vienna in April for an international research conference.  I look forward to sharing stories with you when we meet this year.

To learn more about the refugee crisis in Europe and the organization I worked with in Vienna, visit these helpful resources:


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