Research Deeper

Elevate your Research with a Sociological Approach

However you come to research — whether as an agency, client or moderator– you know that the value (and rich beauty) of ethnographic (qualitative) research is its naturalistic approach. In “ethnos” or “in context” projects,  we study people in their near-natural settings, attempting to understand the meanings they attribute to things, language, symbols, relationships, as well as an exploration of  rituals, practices, and social environs.

As a Sociologist and a moderator, this is my passion:  discovering deep insights about real people in their worlds. And to be quite honest, I think it elevates the research I’m able to provide my clients. But in case you’re not a sociologist (or don’t have one on your team), here a few tips on how to delve into consumers’ behaviors and mindsets to uncover what really drives their decisions:

Here’s to uncovering those values and mindsets that drive consumers’ behaviors and decisions! If you need some help, I’m just a phone call away!

P.S.  And don’t think you can’t get these deep insights from online research – You can!  It just takes some innovation and creativity!